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Davey is an ordinary man, just trying to get into his own study. He's written a letter and he needs to send it. What a shame today is the day he's gone entirely mad.

The Owl and The Astronaut is a project in progress, concepted and designed for the jam and made largely from the ground up. We hope to complete what we have outside of the deadline. Enjoy what we have!

WASD to Move, E to interact with doors and drawers and lights, Click to grab and hold objects, Right click to throw held objects, Q or Middle mouse to zoom.

Just throw your alarm clock to start the game! Sorry for the lack of tutorial we ran out of time. Thanks :D

Game might lag on low spec Machines.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorNifty Llama Games
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
TagsBoss battle, Escape Game, Fantasy, maze, Narrative, Point & Click


NiftyLlamaGames_TheOwl&TheAstronaut.zip 554 MB


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Two majorly irritating bugs:

A. held items have the nasty habit to drop on their own without warning.

B. throwing the alarm clock is a hit or miss afair (had to restart 5 times (clock was thrown out of range) before one throw turned it off and enabled movement)

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So, when the game was actually giving me puzzles to solve, I was having a really good time. My issues lie in how hard the puzzles were to find. Understanding that this is a jam title, I went a bit easy on it, but the biggest issue was definitely a lack of direction. The majority of my playtime was spent walking around trying to find what I could interact with and what I couldn't while the puzzles themselves, while challenging and enjoyable, were quite short. I'd love to see the end eventually in hopes that it ties everything up, because, as it stands, I left pretty darn cunfuzzled.